"Engineering success needs top talent to deliver the best solutions"


Having critically understudied the traditional / conventional processes and methods employed hitherto in the construction of buildings around the country, we identified a couple challenges and problems that are avoidable but most often posses grave challenges to people who desires to embark on building project and even stalls an ongoing project in some case.
Some of these problems are:

  • Lack of time to supervise the project; because of the fact that the building industry is saturated by Non professional / non organized entities and workmen, it is now almost mandatory for project owners to closely monitor their projects to minimize their chances of being shortchanged by their work men.
  • Quality of  work; Most times  project owners are short changed in terms of quality of work largely because of the level of knowledge and technology these non-corporate entities and workmen are exposed to.
  • Inflated costs;  Most prominent of the problems is the fact that majority of these  non-corporate entities  are perpetually  developing / manufacturing methods of inflating the cost of  projects.
  • Unprofessionalism;  since these  workmen are not professionals and corporate, it is very unlikely to get a professional service from them.  They can not be trusted to do their jobs that corporate / professional way project owners desire and in accordance to regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • Securing necessary government approvals & permits: We have noticed that the rigorous processes involved in securing of Government permits  most often posse as a nightmare to people planning to build..