JES Engineering helps state, county, and municipal governments solve their engineering challenges.  We are a partner to the municipalities we serve, working hand-in-hand to find the best solution for their community and residents.  Our staff serves as an extension of our client's staff in order to properly provide the needed services in a timely manner.
Services provided by our engineers range from small studies to major long-term improvements. JES’s staff has a large experience base to draw from.  For large or specialized projects, we combine the talents of all our staff to ensure that our client’s project needs are being met.

  JES Engineering’s Municipal/Government services include: 

  • Land Development Plan Reviews
  • Stormwater Master Plans
  • Traffic Planning
  • Comprehensive Master Plans
  • Feasibility Studies and Facility Plans
  • Map Updating and GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Street Improvements, Extensions and Road Inspections
  • Storm Drainage Improvements