Storm water/Erosion Control

Stormwater management must take into account many facets including urban ecosystems and water quality, erosion control, permitting, and the use of innovative financing opportunities. Stormwater impacts a community’s safety, the environments stability and the quality of life of those within the community. The staff of JES Engineering has the knowledge and experience to work with such technical and environmental issues and demands and the constantly changing regulations. We work with our communities to deliver forward-thinking designs that create long term solutions.


Stormwater Management Facilities
Stormwater Master Planning
Stormwater System Design
Flood Studies
Channel Capacity and Improvements
Hydrology /Hydraulics
Detention/Retention Basin Design and Analysis

Inventory and Inspection of Existing Storm
Drainage Systems
Site Grading and Drainage Design
Erosion Control
Greenway Setbacks
Comprehensive Plans, Zoning Ordinances and
Sedimentation Control Ordinances
GIS Technology
Pipe System Capacities
Financial Assistance
Natural Areas/Wetland Construction/Stream Restoration
Rate and Budget Studies
Community Outreach/Public Involvement
Construction Administration and Observation