•   Roads
  •   Foundations
  •   Drainages
  •   Walkways
  •   Canals
  •   Laying of interlocking stones and cabes

Civil Engineering

Commercial/Industrial Buildings
JES Engineering has worked with many different industries and commercial entities providing professional services to assist them in constructing or modifying their existing buildings. We have performed complete designs for industrial buildings and have also performed major design modifications on building structures...We have completed a variety of different types of commercial structures including office buildings, maintenance facilities, government buildings, recreation complexes, community centers, gymnasiums, financial institutions, and retail centers, to name a few. JES Engineering has the capability to assist our clients with their commercial or industrial facilities and provide them with an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and economical facility to construct. We are very careful to listen to our client’s needs and design the building that meets the specific facility requirements.